Nike x SB Chunky Dunks Per Order



This is a PRE ORDER. Shoe is rumored to release sometime SUMMER. Shoes typically ship 3-6 weeks after release.

Terms & Conditions





All items for pre-order are 100% authentic and come from authorized retailers. All pairs come in original box — new and never worn. With that being said, we are not responsible for any manufacturing defects. All pairs are ordered from authorized licensed retailers as stated previously so we will not be responsible for any quality or manufacturing defects as we cannot control it.

When placing a pre-order be sure to look at the release date of the item. All pre-orders will be shipped 2-4 weeks after the item’s release date. You will be provided with a tracking number once the pre-order(s) have been shipped.  Please note, shipping time CAN vary. It depends on how quickly the retailers provide us with the items as well as any stock issues they may have. We cannot control late shipments from our manufacturers or release date changes. If the item is not shipped out within said time frame, you will be contacted via email with information regarding why your shipment has not been processed yet, this is not likely to happen but worst case scenario that our shipping time can be later than listed.

Our pre-orders are guaranteed. There are exceptions where the pre-order is cancelled and that would be in the case of a release cancellation or date change or an allocation issue. Again, these are issues that are unforeseeable that we would have no control over as these decisions are being made by the brand, not us. With that being said, if an item you placed for pre-order was canceled or there was an issue with stock allocation from our retailers, you will be contacted and refunded in full for your pre-order(s).

Cancellation policy is as follows. When you place a pre-order you’re agreeing to wait for the items release. If you decide that you’d like to cancel your order, you will be subject to pay a 15% cancellation fee. There will be no exceptions.